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Dave Swanson July 26, 2012

Dave Swanson

26 July 20212

God places people in our paths no matter where we are. After getting a later start on my flight to London, I was really ready to try to get some good rest (which never really happens). In addition to the close quarters in the airline seats, I just couldn’t get my mind to shut off, so sleeping was impossible. Prior to take off, I had spoken to one of the flight attendants and told her that I had a pin for her, so around 1:00 a.m., I went to the back of the plane looking for her. Not only did God provide a divine appointment with the flight attendant to whom I had spoken earlier, but He also provided opportunities to share with three other flight attendants as well. They really seemed to enjoy spending time sharing God’s love. They actually put their Jesus Pins” on their uniforms and wore them the rest of the flight.

While I was in the back, an older gentleman, Mr. Robinson, (84 years old) came back to get a cup of coffee. I started talking to him and found out that he had received the gold medal in basketball in the 1948 Olympics, and he actually had his medal around his neck. What an honor it was to meet him. I shared the story of the Gospel through the “Jesus Pin” with him, and he thanked me for going to London to share God’s love with others.

Once I landed in London, I had an hour train ride to the Highbury Centre where we are staying. I had on a International Sports Chaplain ministry shirt, and two gentlemen from Nigeria, Toyin Oyewole and his father, asked me questions about being an International Sports Chaplain. God provided another opportunity for me to share about His love with others… all before I ever unpacked my suitcase. I was reminded again that God places people in our paths who need to hear about Him… and we have to be ready for the opportunity to share.

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