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Jan Feldman July 27, 2012

Jan Feldman

27 July 2012

After lunch yesterday, we headed in the direction of Buckingham Palace. Myrna and I encountered a precious girl, Anna from New Zealand. After visiting with her for a few minutes we shared the gospel with her after building a bridge with the “Jesus pin”. She wasn't ready to make a commitment, so we asked her how we could pray for her. She teared up and said she had just received news today that her Nana had cancer and the prognosis was not good. Then she told us that it was not an accident that she ran in to us today. She thanked us for the encouragement and the prayers! Praise you, Jesus, for the opportunities!

I also had the opportunity to share with two volunteers at the train station yesterday. One, Sunday, was already a believer, but the other, Hussan, was not. Sunday told Myrna and me that he loved our presentation of the gospel, our enthusiasm for God's word, and our warmth we extended to Hussan and him. Hussan was not ready to make a commitment to Christ, but he promised he would read the tract. As I walked away, I saw Sunday talking to him about the pin. These two guys did not know each other before volunteering to serve at the Olympics. I know that this was no accident that God brought them into our paths. Sunday was encouraged, and it seemingly renewed his spirit in Christ! Praise God for the divine moments!!!!

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