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Sports Chaplaincy

The term “chaplain” originated from the French word chapele which means the church. A chaplain is a representative of God outside the church. Chaplains represent God’s presence wherever they go. The term Sports Chaplain has come to mean God's presence in the midst of an athletic world ... people who represent Him.

Introduction to Sports Chaplaincy

The Sports Chaplain is God's presence in the arena of athletics. What an awesome opportunity and responsibility! Chaplains play a vital role. Just as a Pastor ministers to people inside the church… a Chaplain, most commonly, ministers to people outside the church walls. Sports competitions and traveling often take place on Sunday which sometimes prevents getting to a church building. The chaplain gets to bring the presence of God to athletes and coaches at a time when they can't get to a local church. The term Chaplain describes the “Way” one ministers more than “Where” one ministers. Chaplains also play an important role because many times an athlete will share something with a chaplain that he would not share with anyone else… giving the chaplain a chance to minister on the spot. Spiritual encouragement can include God’s word, prayer, personal experiences, and professional references for deeper problems. And God says, "I will always cause you to triumph. Be strong and of good courage. The Lord your God is with you."

Athletics has many rewards, but the chaplain gets to share about a prize that is “more than gold” and will last long after a season or one's eligibility has run out. A chaplain has the opportunity to make an eternal impact in the lives of coaches, athletes, families, spectators, and many others.

While training new chaplains, David Guinn, founder of International Sports Chaplains who has ministered to Olympians for over 30 years said, "First and foremost Chaplains are “Spiritual Pace setters” setting the standard high. We are the chapele. We are the presence of God in the Locker Room, on the field, leading team devotions… Bible studies… or pre-game challenge… or just hanging out. We have been entrusted with ministry in areas where very few have access. Chaplains must build, maintain, and protect their commitment to Christ above all things. We are the ambassadors of Christ! That is who we are."

Secondly, to accomplish effective chaplaincy ministry we need to “Build Bridges of Communication”… we need to “Connect”. We build bridges between ourselves and the athletes, coaches, parents, team personnel, local churches, support groups… but all of our “Bridge Building” includes God.

Finally, to minister most effectively Chaplains need to be available, relationship-builders, positive, encouragers, and builders of unity, and relate well with everyone they encounter. With trust comes responsibility.

Sports Chaplains

ISC team members love to share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord has given them a burden to see people come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and grow in their walk with the Lord.

Each team member believes that spending five minutes with a person is a divine opportunity to present the Gospel message (the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ). 
The Lord has given them opportunities to share Jesus in almost every setting you could imagine- in restaurants, hostels, malls, sporting events, subways, trains, airports, bathrooms, cars, airplanes, in the US and around the world.

On July 26th the “Window of Opportunity” opens. For sixteen days, the eyes of the world will focus on Paris France as the host city for the XXXIII Games of the Olympiad. People come from around the world, representing over 200 different nations... Nowhere else can one share the Gospel message, and their own personal testimony of faith in Jesus Christ, with multiple ethnic groups in a single day as at the Olympic Games.
PIN TRADING is as popular as almost every Olympic Sport. It has been said that pin trading is like another Olympic Event, the biggest of the unofficial Olympic sports. The “JESUS PIN” is the International Sports Chaplain’s most effective evangelistic tool. It capitalizes on the excitement of Olympic pin trading. It connects with anyone and is a terrific conversation piece. It allows you to “build a bridge” of instant communication with people. It leaves a legacy. The pin is a good conversation piece and helps start Gospel conversations.

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